Dutton Brown
If you are looking to add personality and a fresh look to your home consider simply upgrading your lighting. At Dutton Brown, we believe that a room is only as beautiful as the light that illuminates it. We have dedicated ourselves to designing and handcrafting lighting solutions to fit every space. Our designs allow you to break away from the cookie cutter designer store lamps, and create a one-of-a-kind look in your home.
One of our more recent achievements we are pioneering is the Sputnik Chandelier. The stars, moon, and planets form into a mesmerizing dance of light and shape. Have you ever wished you could harness that beauty in your living room?
With a sputnik lamp, you can bring that beauty into your home while still maintaining the appeal of modern style. The 32” diameter flat elliptical design of our hanging lamps create an image of a group of shining planets orbiting a star.
We offer customization options to define the color of your personal solar system and create individual star systems in every room of your house. The eighteen sockets can handle multiple bulb wattages to create the exact amount of light you need in any space. As a hanging feature, you can place it any room with a hanging distance between twenty and fifty-six inches, making this the perfect lamp for vaulted to the long hanging ceiling and everything in between.
Even with customization, the turnaround time from order to ship is only about one week. We don’t warehouse our fixture which allows us to create a truly unique and a custom piece for every customer. We guarantee all of our work will complete satisfy your wants, and help create that perfect look you want in your home.
We are very proud of our Sputnik Chandelier, and it is just one of the nearly limitless designs we can create to add the eye-catching lighting touch to your home décor remodel. To check out everything we offer and get your project started visit https://www.duttonbrown.com/pages/globe-pendant-lighting
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